How the Martingale Systems Works in Casino Games

There are several systems that players use over the years to help them win over the house edge. However, many still believe that everything that the players do will always be out of luck.

One of the most used system strategies of casino players is the Martingale System. The system got named after the famous owner of gambling houses in Great Britain, John Henry Martingale.

Currently, the Martingale system is one of the most popular strategies that many experienced players use. But the ultimate question remains – will the Martingale system work? If it does, how will it work? We will discuss it further in this article.

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A Brief Introduction of the Martingale System

The Martingale system is a type of negative progression since the strategy consists of increasing the bet when the player is losing, and decreasing the wager when the gamer is winning. Therefore, this system’s principal works are simple, and many can quickly grasp how it works.

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In the amount of the bet, it is the discretion of the player how much they are willing to lose and gain. However, it is still better if the player starts at small amounts.

Types of Martingale Systems

There are several types of Martingale systems that players use, depending on the casino game.

  1. The classic Martingale system

This system uses the simple logic of doubling your money whenever you lose and reducing it to one unit whenever you win. The classic Martingale usually works when betting with colors; therefore, it’s primary usage is in Roulette.

  1. The Mini Martingale system

In this system, the bets are smaller, and there are limits on the double-bets. Some say that this is a better betting system since it only involves a small amount of money. However, with this system, the player would not know that he or she is already losing since the increases in bets are slow and small.

  1. The Grand Martingale system

This strategy is more aggressive than the other two systems. In this system, the player still needs to double their money after losing; however, they need to give an extra amount to the sum, aside from the increased bet.

  1. The Anti-Martingale system

This system is as simple as a reverse Martingale system. In this system, the players will double their bets when they win, and decrease their wager by one unit after losing. The reverse system might work for some players since they can win large sums in case of a winning streak.

home page - How the Martingale Systems Works in Casino Games

The Martingale System Applied

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The Martingale system best fits the Roulette game since it is a game of colors. It is also a good strategy for the Blackjack game. However, players must have a bigger bankroll to implement the plan since losing streak is still possible.

The system is not much of fit in the game of Craps since the players have a lower house edge. However, the best place bets for this strategy are the numbers six and eight. The best buy bets are four and ten.