5 Facts About Keno That You Should Know

One of the most popular lottery games online is Keno. You can even play the game on scratch cards, scan cards, and video machines. The rules of the game are the same worldwide, so people can understand how to play it. In this article, you will know five facts about Keno that only a few people know.

Where Keno Started

The roots of the game Keno started in China. A thousand years ago, a man named Cheung Leung created the game to raise money for his hungry people.

The original game started with 120 Chinese characters from an ancient poem. The players will then place their bets following the characters. Leung then successfully saved his people when the game became popular. Others also believe that some of the funds raised in Keno created the Great Wall of China.

Taxable Keno Winnings in the US

In the United States, Keno winnings are all taxable. Every time you win in any lottery game, you have to declare the winnings as your income. However, many people do not report these winnings since they lose more money than win.

Random Keno Numbers

If the operator of the game is honest, then Keno runs on random numbers, which means that you may win the game out of luck.

Every player has a one in four chance to pick any of the random numbers. You can calculate the probability of winning, but Keno overall has smaller chances of getting bigger prizes than slot machines.

Regulated Keno Machines

If operators are legal and regulated, then its Keno machines are also regulated. Operators use random number generators to create random Keno numbers. Since the game has a very high house edge, Keno operators do not need to cheat on their players to get more money. And if you are fond of state-run Keno games, do not worry about being also cheated since these Keno games get handled by the same companies that certify lottery game equipment.

The World of Online Keno

Keno is currently one of the most played online games in online casinos. In the modern version, there are eight numbers in the Keno game. The player needs to choose from one to twenty out of the eight possible options of the game.

Why Keno is Hard to Win

Many Keno players feel that it is so hard to win at any Keno game. It is not that hard to win at Keno. When playing Keno, players tend to win partial than complete wins, and they do not even realize that they are already winning small amounts of prizes.

However, there are other lottery games like Powerball, where players get to pick five numbers from a total of 69 numbers and a new number out of 26 different digits.  With that total number, your chances of winning at Powerball is higher than in Keno.

With whatever lottery game, it is always a game of chance and luck, and Keno is one of those games. The upside, however, of this game is that you don't need to wait for a little longer to know the results.

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