Emerging Online Casino Markets in 2020

There is no denying that, along with the emerging economies now, online casinos are second on the list. More and more gamblers turn to online casinos as land-based casinos shut down because of the pandemic. However, what countries have the highest online casino markets? In this article, we will know the emerging online casino markets in 2020.


Canada is one of the many countries that opened its doors to many casino establishments like land-based casinos, online casinos, sports betting sites, and even online video poker. Compared to five years ago, there is a significant increase in customers for all forms of gambling. One of the reasons why Canada continues to become an emerging market is because of the lenient laws that it has on gambling. Even in some areas of Canada, there are only a few legislation regarding gambling.

The country also allows its people to play in offshore casinos, making online casinos even more popular. The more important news is that Canada does not tax casino winnings, unlike other countries.

United States of America

The biggest gambling state of America, Nevada, is commonly visited by people because of gambling. However, the country is evident with its gambling laws. In 2011, the federal government announced that it already legalized online casinos.

Since 2011, few states have allowed online casino usage, online sports betting, and even online poker usage. But recently, Delaware, New Jersey, California, and Pennsylvania, already legalized the use of online casinos. Since 2018, New Jersey already has more than 25 online gambling operators.

Delaware and Pennsylvania already support all forms gambling while New Jersey and California online support sports betting, online poker, and lotteries.

South Africa

South Africa and the US almost have the same gambling laws. To acquire a license, the operators go to the provincial boards to get the requirements instead of going to the national government. With regards to online casinos, the country neither supports nor prohibits online casinos. With this, the operator can play offshore casinos in their country without breaking the laws.

New Zealand

In the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003, the provision states that opening land-based and online casinos are not allowed. Even participating in one is also not allowed. However, just like South Africa, the regulation does not say anything about online casinos, so people in New Zealand can still register and play at offshore online casinos.

New Zealand had the most significant online casino winner in 2017. The man named Rawiri won $10 NZ million.


Online casinos are so famous in Nigeria that people often use the internet to find and play online casino games. Since the country does not have any laws regarding online casinos, its people are free to play any online gambling site.

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